The most accurate customs data query system

When people heard about customs data for the first time, most of them will think that it must be costly and expensive without any practical effect. In fact, it’s opposite. When you search the products of your company in the customs data query system, there will appear all the transaction records of the products. From each record, you can see the buyer’s information. It’s not only convenient and quick to locate foreign buyers, but also can carefully analyze the characteristics of the buyers, for example: During which period would they have procurement need? Where would they purchase? What kind of price would they accept? Only you understand these issues clearly, can you naturally know where should you start and which important points should you use to better attract them when you chat with your customers. By this way, you can be be able to establish good communication with your clients and promote the signing of orders. It will not be as passive as b2b, nor as blind as the fairs and purchasing buyer data samples.

Inforvellor’s self studied and developed international business intelligence data information platform provides customs data from 20 countries, with which you can keep trade information under control at any time. It has millions of true and accurate buyers’ information, details of the B/Ls including dealt customers. You can acquire a variety of market data analysis reports by one-click generation system which can intelligently generate various data analysis reports and assist the management to easily make decisions.

The international business intelligence data information platform has the following advantages:

1) Provide transaction information of 20 countries: It integrate information of 20 countries’ true and accurate buyers, complete details of bill of lading information of customers and details of competitors. One-click generation system intelligently generates a variety of data analysis reports, helping the management to easily make decisions.

2) Lightweight customer relationship management tools: Realize online management, maintenance and development of the customer. The main account can co-manage customer online within the setting scope of the sub-account.

3) User reports and intelligent monitoring: Realize visual management, generate daily reports, monitor real-time foreign trade, develop customer dynamics and daily work.


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